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Kadamandiya Ad Posting Policies

These conditions apply when you are posting any ad on Kadamandiya

These conditions are formulated to ensure that Kadamandiya is a safe, clean, friendly place for all of its users. Kadamandiya reserves full right to suspend, remove, or temporarily inactivate any business listing or classified ad if they do not meet our ad posting standard and policy.

As a user or a visitor you will be solely responsible for all information and content you submit to Kadamandiya. Kadamandiya reserves the right at our discretion to refuse, decline or delete any content that we believe is inappropriate or breaching our TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Kadamandiya also reserves the right at our discretion to restrict or refuse a user's access or usage of the Kadamandiya either temporarily or permanently, or refuse a user's registration.

The business listings and classified ads you post on Kadamandiya...

  1. Must follow any laws, rules and regulations that are part of your society
  2. Must be valid and accurate information.
  3. Must not contain inappropriate content or material, whether it is graphical or textual
  4. Must not discriminate any race or religion or nationality or gender
  5. Must not contain any offensive, rude, provocative content or material, whether it be graphical or textual
  6. Must not conjugate to selling or offering services related to medical supplements or general or pharmaceutical products
  7. Must not conjugate to selling sexual activities, bodily fluids, adoption or surrogacy or any related service
  8. Must be posted under the correct category
  9. The text must be provided in English, no other language will be supported for textual content, graphical content may be provided by languages other than English.
  10. Must be descriptive enough
  11. Must be up-to-date, any outdated ads will be deleted immediately
  12. Must not violate any copyright or trademark of another company or business
  13. Must not directly or indirectly copy another ad that is already posted on Kadamandiya by another user
  14. Must follow any amendments that are made by Kadamandiya through out the course of the lifetime of Kadamandiya

* Kadamandiya reserves full right to permanently or temporarily remove, delete or inactivate any business listing or classified ad that directly or indirectly breach the above conditions of use.

If you come across any business listings or ads that you think do not follow any of the conditions mentioned above, please let us know immediately by using the Kadamandiya contact form.

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