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Study in Australia - Comprehensive Student Guide

So you have made the all important decision of studying overseas, or your parents have decided to send you over to a foriegn land for your studies?

You're excited but at the same time quie overwhelmed and plesently challenged by the road ahead, and what's to be achieved. Perhaps a few butterflies in your stomach by the sheer amount of expectations from your parents, family and friends.

You might already have a few friends who have made this life changing, career-defining decision and wondering how you can make the same journey.

If this sounds too familiar, you have come to the right place. Relax, we all know the feeling, the butterflies, the jitters, the anxiety, it's all too familiar.

Studying overseas let alone leaving your parents, family, friends and loved ones can be extremely difficult. Especially when you're so close to your family.

There is no right or wrong way of going about approaching this, and hence our path and plan of attack can be very different to one another and a very individualistic one at that.

But we do know that a clear goal of what you want and what you want to achieve must be at the top of your priority list no matter what course you plan to study or which part of the globe you decide to travel to.

We here at Kadamandiya have complied a set of tools and resources to help you plan your overseas education trip somewhat easier.

Kadamandiya has been fortunate enough to have received these valuble information from someone who has helped hundreds of thousands of students, parents, just like yourself to achieve and make their "study overseas" dream a reality.

Mr. Keerthi Jayasuriya, CEO of International Scholar Educational Services (Pvt) Ltd is an accredited & highly regarded career counselor and consultant in Sri Lanka with years of experience and know-how in relation to this topic and he has been kind enough to share some of experience, insight and knowledge with us to help you plan your "study overseas" dream very much a reality.

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