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Location : 251/4 Avisawala Road,
Brandiyawatta | Wellampitya
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Phone : 9477 739 091

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On your holidays /Occasion / to the paradise island in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka is the perfect destination for tourists who enjoy independent travel, sandy beaches, unforgettable sites, friendly people or a holiday adventure.

We are the world's friendliest people and offering you the natural hospitality and genuine warmth and our service to offering you the comfort range of modern vehicles include: sedan – small, medium, executive (automatic/manual); wagon and family vans and 4x4 recreational twin-cabs, luxury..

Most of the vehicles are equipped, with DVD, and reverse camera, sensors etc., auto and manual.

Reasonable rates.

All vehicles are well maintained.

Minimum deposit required.

Reliable and quality assured service

With Driver or self-driver cars

Highest standard of customer service and safety is maintained

FREE DROP OFF / PICKUP Within COLOMBO (Condition apply)

Enjoy your journey with pride

Further details contact

Contact on 077 739 0910

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Transit Rent A Car & Tour | 251/4 Avisawala Road  |   Brandiyawatta  |   Wellampitya | 

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