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Lets talk about Sri Lankan Events on Kadamandiya (FAQs)

Kadamandiya Events are provided to all Sri Lankans in Australia FREE of charge. Our sole purpose is to create a network of Sri Lankans and help our community. Any profit derived from Kadamandiya will be invested into enhancing the quality and services of Kadamandiya. We hope you find our services helpful and beneficial, and certainly encourage you to leave any comments and feedback.

Do you charge for an entry on your events calendar?

Events on Kadamadiya are listed absolutely for FREE. It is FREE and will always be FREE.

I thought you have to pay $20 per event listing?

Nope, it's all FREE, well on Kadamandiya anyway. Also your Event will be featured on our iPhone app + our * Android app for FREE. This will ensure that your Event listing gets heaps of exposure and be seen by a large number of visitors. Isn't that what you want for your listing? * Kadamandiya Android app is coming soon...!

Then what's this "Text only Events for FREE but $20 charge for including graphic content" myth about?

Again, Kadamadiya provides all event listings for absolutely FREE. No ifs and buts. What's a 'Text only event' anyway?

Are we allowed to make any changes to our event entry after it has been posted?

This is a no brainer. It is your listing, so you should be able to have your ad the way you want it. You can edit your ad as many times as you wish, (and as often as you want). After all, it's your ad. There're no fees involved in modifying your ads.

I want to list a commercial event on Kadamandiya, how much will that cost me?

$0.00. Commercial events, Religious events, Sports events, Cultural events, Charity events, Musical Events, Dinner Dances, Hopper nights, Baila Nights, Paduru name it, all events are FREE on Kadamandiya.

Is there a word limit for my listing? and what if I want to include a banner on the listing, say a flyer.

There is absolutely NO limit as to how much text you can include in your ad. But it's better to keep it short, sharp and to-the-point, so the viewer is kept interested throughout the ad. Banners and flyers can easily be included in your ad. Have a look at some of the event listings we have on Kadamandiya.

Does Kadamandiya proofread my event listing before publishing and rectify any formatting errors?

Absolutely, as Kadamandiya certainly understands how frustrating it is to see "Baila Night Annual G2G @ Melbourne XYZ pub", when it really should be "Baila Night - Annual G2G - @ Melbourne 'XYZ pub'"

What specifications do you want the flyer to be? Do they have to be of a certain dimension?

Any format will do. PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP with no maximum file size or dimension limitation, we'll make it work on Kadamandiya.

How can I get my event listed on Kadamandiya?

There are 2 ways of doing it, you can either create an account for yourself and publish your event listing or you can simply email me the event details, date and any related artwork (banner/flyer) to and I will personally post it up for you.

What do I need to do to get my event listed in your iPhone and Android apps?

Nothing, once your event goes live on, it will also appear on the Kadamandiya iPhone and Android apps simultaneously.

How can Kadamandiya Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media help me get more exposure to my ads?

This is the beauty and the magic of Socil Media. We have a large network of Sri Lankas and non-Sri Lankans following our social media threads. So once they find an event that they're interested in, they're sure to share it among their friends, and their friends will do the same thing, this 'Domino effect' will definitely boost the amount of exposure your event gets.

Any more questions? You can contact me on (03) 9092 1650 or you can shoot me an email to

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