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Ihsan Infiyaz

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Wantrepreneur. A concise description for one who's a jack of all trades and a master of some, and likes to make money along the way.

Welcome to my world. By profession (partly), a seasoned web developer.

Some of my works:

CloudFactorii is a web development brand that I play a part in. We focus on building websites that convert visitors to customers. We're more than willing to help you out with free expert advice as well, with regards to the digital sector. (Don't hesitate to ask.) This is a website we built that brings together the B2B (Business to Business) community in Sri Lanka. It's the Alibaba of Sri Lanka.
-, as much as it gives you a stomach ache of laughter, is a website in progress. In short, it's a friendly classifieds website that is to allow free advertising. Their motto: "We believe you can sell.", seems to invite Sri Lankan's into buying and selling online. (And as long as it becomes the step-up for Sri Lankan's to start selling internationally, I'm happy.)

Benham International (Pvt) Ltd. This company, wanted a corporate website. They're hotel linen suppliers. In short, they supply Pillows, Sheets, Pillow/Mattress Protectors, Duvets, Towels of several varieties, and what not. They're clientèle includes some of the big brand hotels.
- https;//

And there's more of what we do at CloudFactorii.


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