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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Kadamandiya?

Kadamadiya is a dedicated online Sri Lankan community portal provided for Sri Lankans in Australia. It aims to connect Sri Lankans in Australia through a myriad of different services and facilities. The main objective of Kadamandiya is to create one common place for Sri Lankans to gather and share their information, and to promote community awareness. Some of the services Kadamandiya provides are online business directory listing, FREE personal classified ads, FREE Sri Lankan EVENTS listing, Sri Lankan News, and forum (coming soon) where ideas can be put forward and communicated among the Sri Lankan community. There's more new exciting features coming soon on Kadamandiya, so don't forget to subscribe to our free newsletter and be in the loop.

How is Kadamandiya different to other business directories and classified ad sites?

Kadamandiya is more direct and targeted. Our target audience is already defined and set. The demographics and statistics prevail that 90% of our target audience is Sri Lankans living in Australia, so when you utilize Kadamandiya, you can be sure that your information is delevered to the right audience.

Why is Kadamandiya better than other listing sites?

Other business listings and classfied ad sites seem to do their job, but what they also do is hijack your ads. How often do you see that you post something on one of those sites only to realise that there are dozens of other ads such as google ads and other third party ads everywhere on your page? Why should you promote google ads on your page? Often with these sites, you have no control over your ad. Kadamandiya strives to eliminate this issue. With Kadamandiya you are in control of your content, therefore giving you more power and flexibility. Also there's no word limit or how many logos/images/banners you can upload with your ad. Also from a technical perspective, Kadamandiya is well structured and maintained for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and BING to read. Kadamandiya is fully Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and search engine-ready. In other words search engines much prefer to read business lisings with addresses like as opposed to See the difference? Which one would you prefer to remember?

How much does it cost to feature my business on Kadamandiya?

Our advertising rates start from as little as $29.00 per month and range from business listing advertising to banner advertising. Find out more about our advertising rates here. You can either upload your content yourself or send us the content and we'll be happy to assist you with your listing.

How much does it cost to post my classified ad on Kadamandiya?

There is absolutely NO charge for advertising your classified ads on Kadamandiya. It's completely a FREE service. View classified ads on Kadamandiya here.

How much does it cost to post my Sri Lankan EVENT on Kadamandiya?

There is absolutely NO charge for featuring your Sri Lankan EVENT on Kadamandiya. It's completely a FREE service. View Sri Lankan Events on Kadamandiya.

What's the difference between a business listing and a classified ad? Arent't they the same?

Not exactly. They are two completely different advertising options and concepts. If you are a business owner and have a business to promote, you can utilize our business listing service. Classified ads are ONLY for posting general short ads that are not directly promoting a business. Please note that your business CANNOT be posted or fetaured under our classified section and Kadamandiya reserves the right to reject any content that does not adhere to our terms and conditions or ad posting guidelines. Please take a moment to read our Terms and Conditions and Ad Posting Gudelines

I need help uploading my ad and photos.

No problem at all, send your ad or business listing on a text file or a word document (or even PDF) and attach the photos you need and send it to and I will be happy to process that for you.

How do Facebook and Twitter help my business get more exposure through Kadamandiya?

At this day and age Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are undoubtedly the most popular social media giants when it comes to online marketing. Knowing the importance, power and the potential these tools have, Kadamandiya endeavors to use the good bits of these social media giants to good effect to generate more traffic and get your business added exposure which will only be benefit to you giving you more bang for your buck.

I need more information, who should I contact?

For all your advertising enquiries, please contact Shammika on 0433327783 or 03 9092 1650 or

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