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The Young Cricketer Development Program

Educational Services

Phone : 0412 273 928

The pinnacle of the Program comprises of the opportunity for cricketer's to travel and tour overseas and interstate, visiting and playing against countries at Test and ODI accredited venues. Often, this subsequently provides the opportunity to meet with and talk to international cricketers. The tours provide the player the chance to learn about the lifestyle of an international cricketer through firsthand experience; learn about different cultures and make new friends both locally, nationally and internationally, as they are pit against other young players from around the world.

At present, annual trips to Sri Lanka are held, as well as participation in tournaments held in Malaysia. Trips to England, New Zealand, India, America and the West Indies are also being considered in the near future.

The chance to tour as a youngster gives players an opportunity and experience that they will never forget and may never get the chance to achieve. It also acts as a stepping stone for those wanting to further their cricket.

TYCDIEP also aims to help disadvantaged towns and cities abroad, with the distributions of cricket gear. In recent times, this effort has been aided by the help of CA's In2Cricket Program through their donations of cricket bats and cricket balls.

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