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Papare Band Melbourne


Phone : 0413 626 575

Papare Band Melbourne

Originally Started in 2000. Never stopped since......

Official Band of Sri Lankan Cricket Fans

Cricket Australia, Cricket Victoria, Melbourne Stars and Melbourne Renegades

Sri Lanka Cricket NSW

Band Interests

Cricket, Sri Lanka Cricket, BBL, Cricket Australia

Started 2000
Genre Papare Music
Members Current Band Members: Dihan, Harsha, Janaka, Porty, Kasun, Gayan, Marlon, Sahan, Chamal, Nathasha, Thimal, Kushan, Naveen, Asanka, Nadeep And Sanjaya band Manager
Hometown Melbourne
General Manager Sanjaya
Current Location Melbourne

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Dihan on 0413 626 575

Papare Band @ MCG - 11th January 2013

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