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Kadamandiya Push Notifications

Why are they important, effective & should be the used in your marketing campaign!

  • It's a well known fact that over 78% of your consumers are using a smartphone (iPhone or Android) to search for businesses and products these days
  • If you're not targetting to this huge audience, you are missing out on a massive, untapped potential, which could really hurt your sales
  • With Kadamandiya iPhone and Android app Push Notification service, we can easily reach out to an audience of over 2800 app users
  • In other words, we can deliver a push notification with your message, business, service or event to over 2800 of our app users, with a click of a button, instantly!
  • What makes push notification marketing most desirable is the fact that it's direct marketing, the messages gets to your consumer almost instantly
  • Take advantage of this unique advertising opportunity, enquire today about your advertising options, call Shammika on 03 9092 1650 / 0433 327 783 or
  • Let us do the marketing for you, sit back and relax, we'll get your message delivered and seen

We constantly track how effective our push notification campaigns are, fine tuning every aspect

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