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  • The good ol' emails & eNesweletters are still the prefered way of communication for a lot of businesses, especially small businesses
  • Here're some reasons why...
    • Your customers spend a majority of their time at a computer where the message is delivered.
    • Your customers can receive messages wherever they are, either at home, at work or mobile.
    • Emails provide instant contact for urgent announcements, releases or your events
    • Regular eNewsletters provide a critical connection between customer and your brand.
    • I can go on and on, but I think you get the point....
  • Get featured on our weekly eNewsletter, we focus on featuring upcoming Sri Lankan events, business promotions, special Sri Lanka celebrations and any special message that you want delivered
  • We have the potential to reach an audience of nearly 5000 of our email subscribers and advertisers
  • Take advantage of this valuable advertising opportunity, enquire today about your advertising options, call Shammika on 03 9092 1650 / 0433 327 783 or
  • Let us do the marketing for you, sit back and relax, we'll get your message delivered and seen

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