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Real-time Analytics & Web Statistics

  • Track how many hits, views, click throughs and visitors are coming to your ads on Kadamandiya
  • Track the geographical location (country, city) of your audience
  • With our advanced stats, track what time of the day your ads are being looked at
  • Monitor the progress of your advertising campaign on Kadamandiya
  • Easily generate stats reports using PDF, CSV formats
    (more formats to follow)
  • All this to help you be informed about your advertising,
    fine tune your ads to meeet your targeted audience
  • Some of the stats you can measure...
    • How many hits, visits your ads are receiving on Kadamandiya
    • What time of day your ads are being looked at
    • What operating system they're using to look at your ads
      (Windows, Mac, Linux...etc)
    • What web browser they use
      (IE, FireFox, Chrome, Safari...etc)
    • What device & platform they use
      (PC, Mac or Mobile, iPad or tablet...etc)
    • And much more...
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So why do I need these stats anyway?

Gone are the days where you post an ad on a publication (online or print), pay the advertising fee and wait and wait till the cow comes home!!!

Ever wonder how many people saw your ad or how many of them were interested in getting to know your business and services? Wouldn't it be great to have a system where it tells you exactly how effective your advertising campaign is? Wouldn't it be nice to get instant feedback on the progress of your ads? With Kadamandiya stats you get real-time online statistics and analytics on your advertisements, you can login to your dashboard from anywhere at anytime and check out these stats.

With our stats, it takes the guess work out of you and tells you exactly what's happening with your ads. After all, it's your ad and you deserve to be in the known.

Gauge how much traffic your ads are attracting on, around the clock.

This is what we call 'Evidence Based Advertising', a great way to evaluate the performance of your advertising campaign and fine tune it to get maximum results & exposure

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* Stats are provided to PRO and PREMIUM account holders. Click here to see ad posting options.