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What is Kadamandiya?

Kadamandiya is a dedicated Sri Lankan community portal provided to all Sri Lankans living in Australia. Kadamandiya provides you with...

If you are a Sri Lankan in Australia, Kadamandiya is one place you must visit. Click here to register you business today and reap the benefits or post a free classified ad.

So why should you advertise with Kadamandiya?

Get more exposure to your business and services.

Having your business listed online makes it more available and accessible to a greater range of customers as opposed to advertising on print media. Having a strong online presence these days is critical to running a successful business. Kadamandiya provides the perfect platform to increase the visibility of your business and the opportunity to reach a wider audience. It is your one stop shop for everything Sri Lankan. Take advantage of our affordable advertising packages. Click here to find out more about our advertising packages.

You have complete control over your advertisement.

Want to change or add more details to your advertisement? No problem, at any time from any where, simply login to your account and off you go! You can change your advertisement as many times as you like during the advertising period. You can have unlimited text and unlimited banners on your business listing, all to help give you and your business the best potential to make as many customers as possible. How's that for flexibility? Click here to view an example business listing.

Information is readily available

Once you advertise on Kadamandiya, your business is there to be found by an unlimited numbers of customers. Unlike in print media where the customer has to purchase the print media in order to find your business, with us your business will be seen by anyone who visits Kadamandiya. With our extensive search engine capabilities (SEO), your business will reach every corner of Australia and even beyond that. More exposure = More customers = $$$$$$$

Get more bang for your buck.

Compared to print media or any other type of media, online marketing is extreamly inexpensive and affordable. Kadamandiya creates a connection between 'you' the service provider and 'users' the customers who are looking for those specific services. Therefore the relationship between you and the customer has already been established. The target audience is already there. You as a business owner, constantly hit the right target market. With our extensive social media appearance (Facebook & Twitter), your business is only going to get more and more customers coming through your doors.

Your audience is already set.

This is a site for Sri Lankans, so the target audience is always going to be Sri Lankans living in Australia.

Kadamandiya is your one stop shop for everything Sri Lankan.

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