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Kadamandiya turns 2! Time to unveil Kadamandiya 2.0!

  • Kadamandiya had a bit of a facelift, in fact a complete new look from last year
  • We have also revamped the Kadamandiya iPhone app (2.0), download it for FREE
  • Introducing Push Notifications on Kadamandiya app, a clever way to market your business & products right into your consumers' hand, it's direct & effective
  • A ton of new features and services added, all in one neat, easy to use dashboard
  • Sell your products & services on Kadamandiya marketplace. You bring the products, we'll bring the customers
  • Revolutionary web Analytics & Statistics on your ads, we tell you exactly how popular your ads are
  • Find and apply for job vacancies through our job search engine, list all your job vacancies for absolutely FREE
  • Post your professional portfolio, get headhunted by employers & recruiters
  • It's dead simple & easy to use
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New look with new features

Initially launched in October 2011, Kadamandiya has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 2 years

Kadamandiya 2.0 offers the Sri Lankan community in Australia a fresh, intuitive approach to online marketing and advertising

We have completely revamped, rewritten and restylised Kadamandiya, both smartphone app and the website to give something unique back to our community

Our goal is to promote community spirit within the Sri Lankan diaspora in Australia, bring them into one common place to encourage communication, share interests and ideas

Use Kadamandiya to promote your up coming events, sell your products and services on our marketplace, list your business and services, post your job vacancies, list your professional portfolio and much more...

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Kadamandiya iPhone app (2.0) is now available, download it for FREE

Completely revamped, stylish look with a ton of new features

Find up coming Sri Lankan events, businesses & services, classifieds, job vacancies, find fulltime and casual staff & a ton of other useful services right from your iPhone, while you're on the go

Did you know 78% of your consumers out there are using their smartphone to find businesses and services, are you targeting this huge market at all? With Kadamandiya, you're one step closer to your consumer

Find Sri Lankan businesses, contact services straight from our app, it's that convenient

We can send a Push Notification with your message, business promotion or upcoming event to 2800 of our iPhone app users, that's direct marketing!

Download Kadamandiya iPhone app

Send your message as a Push Notification with Kadamandiya app

Push Notifications, a clever way to market your business & products right into your consumers smartphone.

Push notification gets sent as a message with your brand name right into their phone, making it an effective way to market your produts

With Kadamandiya Push Notifications, we can easily reach out to an audience of 2800+ of our app users in an instant, with a click of a button

It's direct, effective and easy to use, we have done all the hard work for you, all you have to do is send us a short message with your product name, brand or promotion to be sent, we'll take care of the rest, it's that simple!

Take advantage of this unique advertising opportunity, remember, most of your consumer own a smartphone these days!

Read more about Kadamandiya Push Notifications here

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New exciting features, all in one neat, easy to use dashboard

Sell your products and services on Kadamandiya Marketplace

Do you operate a business where you sell products and services directly to consumers? Are you frustrated by the lack of sales your business generates? Then Kadamandiya Marketplace might just be the solution you were waiting for

Kadamandiya is an online community portal dedicated to Sri Lankans in Australia, so we've already got the target market you're after, why not list your products and services on Kadamandiya and boost up your sales volume

We will actively market your products to our users. You bring the products and we'll bring the customers

It's absolutely FREE to list your products or services. *Any sales generated through Kadamandiya Marketplace will incur 6.5% commission of your sale price

You can list almost anything from products, items to services.

Click here to view Kadamandiya Marketplace

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Track how much traffic you are getting on Kadamandiya, stats & analytics

Real time web analytics and statistics. Track how many hits, views, click throughs and visitors are coming to your ads on Kadamandiya

You can even track the exact geographical location (country, city) of your audience, all these to help you identify your target audience, and who's more attracted to your services

Gone are the days where you blindly advertise on publications where there's no feedback. Ever wonder how many people saw your ad? Let alone if anyone saw your ad at all? Sure they might have 10,000 readers, but how do you know out of those 10,000 how many saw your ad? That important ad you have paid all that money for! What's your measuring tool?

With Kadamandiya Stats & Analytics, we took the guess work out of your and tell you exactly how many people saw your ads, when and even what time of the day. How's that for feedback!

All data and stats are pulled from *Google Analytics, we guarantee of the accuracy and availability of our stats. Click here to read more about our analytics and statistics

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